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Clients, Projects, Kudos

Contest entry for Swan Boat pavilion in Boston.
What does it take to convey a concept in the best light?
Nairi's answer: "Whatever it takes!"

Project; A competition entry for Insite Design, illustrating their vision for the Boston Swan Boat pavilion.

"Nairi Art Studio perfectly captured our concept for the competition. We have been using the studio for years to move our projects forward. A fantastic resource!"
- Bill Hubner
Principal, Insite Architecture

Project: David Mullen Architect, expanding estate planning concepts to unify detached structures

"Nairi, the harmony you elegantly conveyed in this rendering made our team presentation complete."
- David Mullen

Project: Semolina Restaurant in Somerville, MA that includes siting, plantings, awnings, and sign for the much anticipated new restaurant.

"Nairi, this looks fantastic, they are beautiful, thank you so much for being part of  the team!"
- Dave Jick
Partner in Semolina Restaurant

Project: BBN Four Season Container

"Nairi, your approach is delightful and your design sense is stunning!"
- Nancy Talvy
General Manager of FoxGloves Fine Gardening

Onsite drawing of covered bridge in Vermont.

"I love it! I can almost hear the snow!"

- Sally Degan
Space Craft Architecture

Project: Land surveyor wanted to show his client the idea to include a small barn structure on a recent subdivision project.

"It started out as an idea for just some way to create an outbuilding  that could also serve as a studio or guest house. Once the client saw the color site sketch, it became an important part of our project to make it happen."
- Thad B
Land Surveyer, ASB Design Group
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